End of Year 2

I just took the last final exam of my second year of medical school, and it’s an interesting feeling. While there’s definitely a sense of accomplishment, considering how much work went into even getting accepted to medical school, much less completing the first two years successfully, there’s a much stronger sense of just how little I still know, even after more than a hundred exams and thousands of hours of lectures. I still have to study for and sit for my step 1 boards in two months, which will be the real test of just how much (or little) I know, before I will move two hours south to start my clinical rotations in July.

Instead of a travel photo series, here’s something a bit different. This is a picture of the front door of the apartment building where I used to live in Moscow and of the school, where I was a student for the first several years before moving to the U.S. I took this while I was visiting with my family about 7 years ago, spending time in Moscow, Rostov, Tambov, and St. Petersburg.

It’s been a long and strange path to get to where I am today, but looking back, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

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