Cherry Blossoms

This past weekend, after completing my last final exam of the second year of medical school, I returned to NOVA to see my family for a few days before going back for the home stretch before taking my step 1 boards. While there, we ventured to D.C. for the annual Cherry Blossom festival and knowing that it was the day of the parade, a Saturday, not to mention a beautiful sunny day, it would be absolutely packed with tourists, so we decided that getting there before sunrise at 6:45 am would be worthwhile, which it was. The sunrise was beautiful, the entire tidal basin was filled with locals out running, people walking their dogs, and about a thousand portrait sessions of all types, from engagement sessions, several ballet dancers, wedding portraits, and everything in between, not to mention the vast array of photographers with their large cameras on tripods, all ready to catch that moment the sun peeks out behind the Jefferson Monument.

I’ve been at the Cherry Blossom festival a couple of times before, but every other time has been in my photographer role, focusing on the light, the poses, making sure nobody was in the background, how to get that perfect emotion, and so forth. There is definitely something for not seeing the forest for the trees. Just walking around, listening to the wind blowing the last blossoms from the trees almost like rain, the subtle chattering of tourists in awe of the white and lilac hues of the blossoms, and taking it all in.

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