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While visiting Tambov, a small city about 300 miles south of Moscow, I noticed an interesting wedding trend that I first saw in Moscow. Instead of carving out initials in the bark of a tree or spray painting it beneath a bridge, couples would buy a lock, attach it to a rail on a bridge ...

St. Petersburg

The last stop on my Russia trip was by far the most varied and interesting. I’ve been to St. Petersburg once or twice before when I was much younger, so this time around, It was almost as if I was seeing it for the very first time. The city itself is simply gorgeous. Situated at ...


After Moscow, I flew to Rostov-on-Don, where my great-uncle and his family reside. While there, I got the chance dig up and look at some old family photos, letters my great-great-uncle sent back home during WWII, and best of all, to meet their adorable schnauzer.

scenes from moscow

Here’s a small selection of photos taken in and around Moscow, where I was born and spent most of my childhood, before moving to the US 24 years ago. I recently came back from a trip to Russia, which included time spent in Moscow, Tambov, Rostov and St. Petersburg. I had a chance to see ...