Paris on Bastille Day

A friend and wedding photographer, Kyle (, invited me to tag along to photograph a wedding in Paris, and afterward, we met up with some more friends and spent the day wandering around the city.

We walked by the original Moulin Rouge.
This was the view of my Airbnb.

Just walking around, the beauty and old-world charm of the city is unmistakable.

On a beautiful summer day in July, there were bound to be hundreds of people relaxing, listening to music, and having picnics at one of the numerous open spaces and gardens scattered throughout the city.

A few friends.

I absolutely love listening to music on the subway, no matter what city I’m in. These guys were absolutely amazing, and by the end of their performance, they had an audience that stretched all the way up the stairs and around them, culminating with a sustained and thunderous applause (and I assume quite a few missed trains.)

So many bakeries and eateries, so, so many delicious croissants, crepes, and many more delicious foodstuffs.

… and this lovely gentlemen, with his mustache, umbrella, and red pants, was the most Parisian sight on my trip, by far.

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