New Zealand

New Zealand is amazing. Not only was it absolutely breathtaking in every single way, but every person I came in contact with, whether the other travelers at the hostels and B&B’s we stayed in, proprietors at the various shops we visited, or even the police officer who pulled me over while I was going admittedly too fast down a mountain road, were exceedingly nice and welcoming. My good friend and I, along with one of his friends from business school, spent a couple of days in Melbourne, visiting the night food market, then driving up the Great Ocean Road and seeing a koala just hanging out in a tree.

From there, we set out to Queenstown on the South Island. With a plan to see Milford Sound and Mt. Cook, but no other concrete plans, we set out. From taking a helicopter tour of Mt. Cook only to see it for the briefest of times in between the clouds, to kayaking Milford Sound for 6+ hours, it was an amazing adventure that I was happy to share with really great friends.

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