First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of spring. It’s also the last day of a three week, six-exam marathon.

Instead of dwelling on that very relatable medical school fact, I’ll just talk about a trip I took to Richmond for the American College of Physicians Virginia Chapter conference last week. Being a member of the organization and chapter president of the Internal Medicine organization at VCOM, I was obligated to go. Having done last year as a first-year med student, I knew what a fantastic opportunity it was not only to mingle with students from other Virginia medical schools, but listen to a diverse group of speakers talk on a range of topics relating to residencies, treatments for emerging problems and the business of medicine, and more.

More importantly, I attended a student portion of the conference both years, and this year, listened to a talk about crafting the perfect CV, as well as coming together to work on a community-centered system of healthcare delivery. We also got to hear several med students present their research, from a study on antibiotic guidelines for infectious endocarditis to a case of polymicrobial pneumonia. To top it off, we participated in a medical trivia/boards-style Jeopardy game, and unlike last year, when we were absolutely crushed, we won 1st place, beating out both EVMS and VCU med students.

Since we were in Richmond, aside from the delicious French food from Can Can Brasserie, which I can’t really share, here are two photos from a beautiful sunset, which I can.

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