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Melbourne Food Market

A few years ago I spent two weeks in Australia and New Zealand with one of my best friends. My first stop was in Melbourne, where a local friend took us to the Night Food Market at Queen Victoria Market. It was magical and delicious, with food from almost every Country in the Southeast Asian ...


While I was staying in Crete for about a week, I had planned on taking a ferry over to Santorini for a day. Of course, as it tends to happen whenever I travel, I run into new and fun adventures. This time, my trip coincided with the beginning of the Greek debt crisis, and the ...

Scenes from Crete

I spent about a week and a half in Crete and Santorini. While in Crete, I stayed near Hersonissos, on the eastern part of Island. Since most of it was fairly inaccessible by foot, I instead managed to put over 600 miles on my car in 7 days. Of course, even taking a quick drive ...

Wandering around Alberta

Several years ago, I met up with a friend to photograph a wedding in Banff National Park in Canada. Afterward, we wandered around the city of Calgary and the surrounding area for a bit.


I met up with a friend to help her photograph a wedding in a giant castle in Banff National Park in Alberta. Afterward, we wandered around the park for a bit taking in the amazing spectacle all around us. This wasn’t even near the park, but driving down the road and came across a small ...

Paris on Bastille Day

A friend and wedding photographer, Kyle (, invited me to tag along to photograph a wedding in Paris, and afterward, we met up with some more friends and spent the day wandering around the city. We walked by the original Moulin Rouge. This was the view of my Airbnb. Just walking around, the beauty and ...


My Munich trip had everything that you’d expect, including copious amounts of beer, touring Nymphenburg, a gorgeous Bavarian royal palace and checking out some surfers tackling some epic waves downtown. That’s right – surfers downtown.


While visiting Tambov, a small city about 300 miles south of Moscow, I noticed an interesting wedding trend that I first saw in Moscow. Instead of carving out initials in the bark of a tree or spray painting it beneath a bridge, couples would buy a lock, attach it to a rail on a bridge ...

St. Petersburg

The last stop on my Russia trip was by far the most varied and interesting. I’ve been to St. Petersburg once or twice before when I was much younger, so this time around, It was almost as if I was seeing it for the very first time. The city itself is simply gorgeous. Situated at ...


After Moscow, I flew to Rostov-on-Don, where my great-uncle and his family reside. While there, I got the chance dig up and look at some old family photos, letters my great-great-uncle sent back home during WWII, and best of all, to meet their adorable schnauzer.